Live As One is an uncompromising rebel tune, in the tradition of roots reggae, played entirely live by Friendly Fire Band, and burning with social commentary. Tomlin Mystic points out the similarities between the slave masters on plantations, and the current political system, in this downbeat yet uplifting song of hope.

Since the late 70s, Tomlin Mystic has been involved with Roots Reggae with a foundation band from Balsall Heath, Birmingham, called Natural Mystic.

A few decades later, Tomlin is writing and performing with the Friendly Fire Band, and this new single “Live As One” has got an original feel reminiscent of the foundation roots which came to popularity in the UK in the 80s, played entirely live by Friendly Fire Band and mixed in a dubby fashion by Robin Giorno aka Robidon.

Even the socio-political climate of the country, seems to be reverting to the Margaret Thatcher days, only this time around, it’s Cameron holding the keys to our plantation like a slave master – the way out is simply to not let the powers that be divide and conquer humanity, and to LIVE AS ONE regardless of colour, race or creed.

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