Run Away is the first 2015 single by Lion Art and the Friendly Fire Band, available for free download for a limited period!

Lion Art denounces the wicked of the world today, warning that there will be no place for them to hide when judgement comes.

Played live by Friendly Fire Band, and produced by Robidon aka R. Giorno

Lion Art – Run Away lyrics
by D.L. Simpson

The wicked haffi run away (can’t run away)
Wicked haffi bun away ( dem haffi bun away…)
Fire fi the illuminati, builderberg group, fire fi dem, trust me!

Wicked haffi run away
But dem can’t run away,
Can’t run away from Judgement
Dem can’t hide away
They have fe bun away,
But they can’t run away
Can’t run away from Jusgement day

So seek the truth when you a search,
I hope the truth you can find
The Vatican a try to keep the people dem blind
Rastaman a tell the people from long time
Haile Selassie him a the true Divine
Fallen angels, Annunaki dem control up the place
Sight them pon the TV CNN dem shift up their face,
They have magnetic saucers deep outta space
And dem program a dirty hybrid race.


Look how the time a get forward,
The time a get late
Bablylon spray up the sky and now dem turn on Stargate
Cos they don’t know the program
They don’t know their fate
2012 A zion doordem dub know that the time great

It’s the return of the watchers
Babylon plotters
Trace it in the blood line
Dem a run the place redders
Long time we a spottaz
That dem hottaz
In their actions and their words it’s purely Satan..


And true we working for the powers of the Almighty One
The King of King Lord of Lords and Conquering Lion
Him fly red gold and green from Mount Zion
Him come to defend the faith
Him come fi slew the dragon
It’s the return of the Messiah,
Obama is a liar
Selassie holds the key to dash him in straight into the fire
The people dem say “why”
Me show dem their desire
Put a chip in your head and hand!


by Lion Art (aka D.L. Simpson)