Friendly Fire Band : All Stars Mixtape (Mixed by Jam Jah Sound) : OUT NOW !

Friendly Fire Band: All Stars Mixtape (mixed by Jam Jah Sound) – out now!


The new ALL STARS  mixtape has been circulating on CD, until the official release online on the 7th September, and gathers all the Friendly Fire Music operations on one pleasant mix.

Jam Jah Sound has selected 31 tracks all played by Friendly Fire Band, juggling between exclusive dubplates, pre-release tracks, and a handful of recent releases. With an All Stars lineup of artists, Friendly Fire Band showcase their versatility with a wide range of styles, from Roots to One Drop to Ska to Rub A Dub, featuring new comers, established artists, and foundation veterans from the UK to Jamaica, and all voiced at Friendly Dubs dubplate service.

Expect some rare cuts, exclusive pre-releases and straight up sound killing dubs for an action packed listen from start to finish!


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  1. Jam Jah Sound – Intro
  2. Randy Valentine – Jam Jah Ganja (Dubplate)
  3. Two Bad – Don’t Tell Jam Jah bout Ganja ( (Dubplate)
  4. Luciano – Jam Jah Raggamuffin (Dubplate)
  5. Kabaka Pyramid – Jam Jah Defender (Dubplate)
  6. Tomlin Mystic – Rastaman (Pre-Release)
  7. Myki Tuff – Luv Song (Pre-Release)
  8. Raphael – Closer (Pre-Release)
  9. Juggernaut – Good Times (Pre-Release)
  10. Blackout JA, Daddy Freddy, Tall Rich – Signs (Dubplate)
  11. Mr Williamz – Saturday Night (Pre-Release)
  12. Al Campbell – Mr Jam Jah (Dubplate)
  13. Tippa Irie – Minibus Man (Pre-Release)
  14. Myki Tuff – War General (Dubplate)
  15. Prince Alla, Raphael, Dan Giovanni – Hey Little Soundbwoy (Dubplate)
  16. Exile Di Brave – Words Have a Way
  17. Myki Tuff – Man Like Me
  18. Luciano & Dan Giovanni – Haffi Get a Beaten
  19. Cali P – Jam Jah Revolution (Dubplate)
  20. Lion Art – Run Away
  21. Cheshire Cat – Wicked Babylon
  22. Duane Stephenson – Tenament Yard (Pre-Release)
  23. Tomlin Mystic – Enemy Within (Pre-Release)
  24. Myki Tuff – Rastamantic Love (Pre-Release)
  25. Peppery – Sipple Out Deh (Dubplate)
  26. Selaso MC – Warrior
  27. YT – In the Streets
  28. Myki Tuff – Roots Reggae
  29. Troy Berkley – Life On the Line (Dubplate)
  30. Parly B – Out of Order (Pre-Release)
  31. Dan Giovanni – Plants of Destruction (Pre-Release)
  32. Lion Art – Nyabinghi (Pre-Release)