Man Like Me Video and Skandal Rididm – Out Today

Friendly Fire Band’s new riddim SKANDAL RIDDIM is out today!

The upbeat ska-inpired riddim features longtime second generation roots artist Luciano alongside Dan Giovanni, Exile Di Brave and Myki Tuff – who’s cut Man Like Me is boosted by a brand new video by AUDEO.

For one day only, the Skandal Riddim is on free download, with the option to support the ting and make a small contribution towards the next release!

The sixth riddim album from Birmingham UK’s premier live reggae and dancehall outfit, Friendly Fire Band, collaborating with a hand picked selection of singers and DJs. In the Friendly Fire tradition, all tracks are played entirely live by Friendly Fire Band and mixed by Robin Giorno, and feature artists like Myki Tuff, original Micman for Wassifa Sound, and current member of the Friendly Fire Crew who opens the collection with the only gyal tune, a tale of why women want rastaman loving alone, over any other; Exile Di Brave, the rising star of the Jamaican reggae revival scene, underlining the importance of being true to your word, and finally, the Messenjah Luciano singing a combo with one of hottest new DJs to look out for in 2017 – Dan Giovanni, fyah bunning the powers that be.

Supporting the release is easy and free! All you need to do is share the music and the video on social media, like the posts, and add Friendly Fire songs to your Spotify playlists!