Highly recommended for those who prefer a non-violent and a more suggestive rather than explicit approach in music. Peppery’s new “Pon Di Battlefield” mixtape is now on SoundCloud. A compilation of brand new material, previously released tracks and dubplate exclusives.  It is a mixture of reggae and dancehall with a bit of fusion, brought to you courtesy of UK-based musical outfit Jam Jah Sound.

Peppery says:

“This is basically my body of work with a few very special guest appearances. Here’s how one fan in Bulgaria recently summed up my music; “Motivational, inspiring, educational and at times even entertaining (I’ll take that as a compliment). Great music for real! Never stop doing what you have been sent here for! Message is heard and resonates loud and clear! One word description goes: substance!”

One UK fan simply described it as “soul hearted”, o yeah I get it. It’s not really about spreading my culture to the world through music anymore.  It seems very much clear to me that the world already knows and loves Jamaican music and culture. This mixtape in particular amassed productions from various countries including: Jamaica, UK, France, Denmark, Africa, America, Czech Republic, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Don’t worry; these tracks from all around the world (so to speak) aren’t just thrown together in a random fashion. Much thought went into the selection, order of play and overall presentation. This is Peppery in undiluted form, collaborating with musicians from various walks of life and enjoying it.  Hope you enjoy it too!”

FREE download:


Mixed By Robidon – Powered By Friendly Fire Music


1. Intro
2. Jam Jah Culture (Dubplate)
3. Badda Than Dem
4. Skank If You Skanking
5. Yuh Nuh Bad
6. Perilous Time
7. They Don’t Know Ft. Teban Cee
8. Jam Jah Battlefield (Dubplate) [BUY NOW] 9. Carry Go Bring Come
10. Jam Jah Powers Ft Al Campbell (Dubplate)
11. Attention
12. Love Me Back [BUY NOW] 13. How di place a run ft Timbali [BUY NOW] 14. Humanity ft Tippa Irie & Friendly Fire Band [BUY NOW] 15. I love to smoke Jam Jah (Dubplate)
16. Angel [BUY NOW] 17. Dead You Dead
18. Come to town Ft Dub Terminator
19. So Futuristic (Original Mix)
20. Mr. Dickinson
21. Facts of life ft.G Duppy & Mr Benn [BUY NOW] 22. More Cream
23. Tall Dark and Handsome
24. Heathen & Sheden
25. Represent
26. How We Do It ft Bazza Ranks & Wayne Lyrics
27. Working Class
28. Peppery – Everybody Ft. ODB & Blakkwuman22 Music
29. Eyes On Me – Ft. Ms. ColourColour
30. In Love with Love Ft. Miguel Baker
31. You Own The Man
32. Inna Yuh Blood
33. Excitment ft Glamma Kid
34. Naah Fren Dem (Dubplate)
35. Can’t Touch Jam Jah (Dubplate)
36. Forever [BUY NOW] 37. Dominion [BUY NOW] 38. Sipple Out Deh Ft. Friendly Fire Band (Dubplate) [BUY NOW] 39. Love We Need [BUY NOW]