The second 12″ EP by Friendly Fire Band features Lion Art, Cheshire Cat, and a steppers remix by Fogata Sounds, and is announced to hit the streets on the 6th November.

The wicked have been running away since Lion Art’s acclaimed “Run Away” music video, and are marked for two more licks on Friendly Fire Band’s live roots instrumental.

The first comes from UK legend Cheshire Cat, famous for his work with Leftfield and Luv Injection, who excells lyrically on the DJ cut, Wicked Babylon, a spacious track showcasing his conscious flow.

The second hit comes from Paris based duo Fogata Sounds, who remixed Lion Art’s cut in a digital steppas style, and this is the first ever release remixed live on Tangible Display’s touch screen interface – an avant garde piece of technology which is still in development.

Finally both the original and remix dubs are on the EP!

RUN AWAY Music Video

RUN AWAY DUB REMIX by Fogata Sounds